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Regular Monthly Meet-Ups

Our monthly meet-ups are our core focus and reason for existing. Each of the members of our committee and team has found the benefits for themselves of support from people who understood what it's like to be making decisions about your pregnancy, birth, postnatal and parenting options so this is our motivation to share that with other new families. Our meet-ups are places where all points of view and experiences are considered equally valid and everyone is supported to make their own choices. They are often also places where people hear about and are signposted to information on their choices and their rights for the first time.


In-person meet-ups

Between 10am and 12pm on the first Thursday of the month in Havant, on the second Friday of each month in Portsmouth and the third Tuesday of each month in Fareham we offer the opportunity for local pregnant people and new parents to meet together.

Our in-person meet-ups are very informal, free to attend and with the option to purchase reasonably priced and delicious food and drinks in our lovely cafe venues in Portsmouth and Fareham and with free tea and coffee and the invite to bring your snacks in Havant.

Our team can usually be spotted in bright pink t-shirts with our logo or by the pile of pregnancy, birth and parenting books in the middle of the table.

There's no time too soon or too late to start coming along. You can come alone or bring anyone you like with you. You don't have to arrive at the start or stay the whole time just drop in when it works for you.

You don't have to ask anything just come and enjoy some company but if you want to you can ask anything, there's no such thing as a stupid question or something that's too embarrassing.

We're just as happy to talk about feelings that feel overwhelming, making birth choices, vagina-related topics, the contents of babies' nappies or anything in between.


Online Meet-Ups

Each month we have an online meet-up that you can sign into from anywhere. We have a topic each time that we will share some information about and people in the meet-up will share their experiences with. You are welcome to just listen, to ask questions or to share your own experiences and thoughts too.

Check out the image below or click through to our Facebook events section to find the link to join us on Zoom.

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