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Informed Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond. Is a Community Group Committed to Bringing families together to support each other.

Our Story

What We Do

In 2012 a group of people in Portsmouth who were enthusiastic about supporting people to feel confident informed and supported through the experience of pregnancy birth and beyond came together to form a small local support group. Since then we have grown to include more support groups, Facebook groups, a Conference and  Family Market Place Events. 

Formally known as Positive Birth Portsmouth we are now moving forward with the name Informed Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond which we feel better describes the community we have created and the support offered to all families in South East Hampshire and beyond. 

We will be continuing to run support groups online and in the future back in person across the South East Hampshire area. We will continue to support families and individuals to make informed decisions when planning for birth and to find resolution when they have had negative experiences in the past. We will be continuing to support families to create a supportive community through pregnancy birth and family life. More educational opportunities for perinatal professionals and more supportive and informative events for families are also in planning. 

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