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"Informed Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond."

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

Why we chose our name and what it means to us.

It took us quite a lot of time and discussion as a team to come up with a new name for our organisation that we all felt was the right one. We wanted to reflect our welcoming community and the things that are important to us when we are supporting families.

“Informed came up over and over as representative of the support we offer. We don't have advice to give unless it is this, get informed and make your own unique decisions.”

We have always had a focus on birth and we always will because it's a day of your life that can be a defining moment. It's one day you will remember for the rest of your life. But it's not the only day that matters. We also love to support people through the whole of pregnancy and the ups and downs that brings and we love to support new and not so new families. The idea of Beyond is to encompass all that comes after your baby is born. Your postnatal recovery, your mental health, feeding and caring for your baby, caring for your whole family and living a family life you can enjoy.

Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond. Community Group.

Community is vital to who we are as a group. Being a team, appreciating and caring for each other has been the only thing that's kept the organisation going this far. As a team we come from may different back ground and life experiences and valuing each other echoes our core values for the community we have created through our support groups over the last few years. Everyone is valuable and different and everyone makes the best choices for themselves with the information they have at the time.

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