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Informed Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond (IPBB) Constitution


  1. Support families with making informed choices that will facilitate their unique ideas for a positive experience of pregnancy, labour, birth and beyond.

  2. Support people with seeking resolution where prior experiences have been less than positive.

  3. Create community events and opportunities for education that are accessible to families, perinatal professionals and providers.

  4. Encourage communication and collaboration between perinatal professionals, community groups and families.



  1. An Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be held every year, with the first AGM to be held in the first quarter of 2017. A Quorum shall be 5 members with each member attending the meeting having one vote.

  2. The Committee’s year will commence on 1st January.

  3. The affairs of IPBB shall be managed by a Committee.

  4. At the second & subsequent AGMs, the Committee will be elected by the members and confirmed at the AGM.

  5. The Committee shall consist of a Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer and at least five other members.

  6. The Committee will meet at least twice a year and at each Committee meeting, a quorum shall be three members. If decisions are required between meetings voting may take place via Google chat message or text or email.

  7. The Treasurer shall keep a true record of IPBB’s financial affairs and present annual
    accounts to the members at the AGM.

  8. An annual membership fee of £10 shall apply to become a member of IPBB from January 2023, changes to the fee may be proposed by the Committee and voted on at the second and subsequent AGMs.

  9. The Committee shall appoint any other members to posts as required to further the aims of IPBB and such post holders will be entitled to attend Committee meetings and to vote as members of the Committee.


  1. Membership of IPBB shall be open to any person interested in furthering the aims of the
    Group and from January 2017 has paid the annual membership fee. (In cases of financial hardship the Committee may waive payment of fees where a member has demonstrated commitment to the Group and its aims.)

  2. The Committee may terminate the membership of any individual member if it considers that member to have behaved to the detriment of the Group or any of its members.

If you identify with our aims and values and want to support the organisation to support more families please get in touch and talk to us about becoming a member. If you've already had that conversation and are here to join and agree to uphold this constitution please either pay the yearly membership fee of £10 by bank transfer or use the button below to pay by Paypal which is £11

The Terms of Reference of the Committee may be amended or revised by ordinary resolution
approved by the members at the AGM. 

The committee will comprise of the Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer as detailed below, and at least five other members, to include committee members without allocated roles, and committee members with designated roles created by agreement of the committee as required.

The purpose of the Committee:
To administer the day to day running and promote the values of Informed Pregnancy Birth and Beyond (IPBB).

  1. The Chairperson, secretary or treasurer may make decisions on sundry expenditure (£50 or below) in association with the activities of the group, and arrange payment or reimbursement from funds raised for such purposes. In the case of expenditure in excess of £50, this must be agreed at a Committee meeting, or given written approval by a majority of Committee members via google chat. Such approval must be sought before the expenditure is incurred.

  2. Administration of the website, email account, Facebook group/page, and Instagram page, for IPBB

  3. Arrange and host IPBB group meetings 

  4. Maintain a list of IPBB members

  5. Promotion of interests of IPBB

  6. Manage crowd funding and finances for IPBB

  7. Organize stand alone events to fundraise and promote the values of IPBB

  8. Maintain social media and website content and engagement for IPBB stand alone events

  9. Maintain records and ensure accountability of Committee members


The role of the Chairperson:

  1. To uphold the aims and interests of IPBB

  2. To guide and encourage the Committee and IPBB members to uphold and promote those same aims and interests

  3. To drive the activities of IPBB and its members in line with its Constitution 

  4. To be a named signatory on the IPBB Bank account.


The role of the Secretary:

  1. To maintain records of the meetings of IPBB and to ensure Committee members have access to minutes

  2. To delegate tasks to Committee members and collect reports on progress ahead of meetings

  3. To prepare an Agenda for each Committee meeting and AGM, seeking input from the Committee and members for items to be discussed

  4. To maintain documentation and records for IPBB and ensure appropriate access for the Committee and members


The role of the Treasurer:

  1. To be a named signatory on the IPBB Bank Account and to arrange reimbursement of costs and expenses incurred for previously agreed items, services and  any other expenditure where Committee members and other members are carrying out activities agreed by the Committee or the Chairperson

  2. To maintain a true and accurate record of the financial activities of IPBB

  3. To report to the Committee and IPBB members on the above

  4. To prepare annual financial reports and, where necessary, submit the same to the relevant authority to meet legal requirements

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