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I provide women and birthing people with evidence based information, emotional and physical support throughout pregnancy, birthing and postnatally. As a Doula, all I want is to be there for you.

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I am passionate about supporting people on their journeys to parenthood: from pregnancy, through labour, birth, the 4th trimester & beyond!

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Not only will I teach you what’s going on inside your body during late pregnancy & birth, and why the environment you chose to birth in makes a huge difference, but you’ll also learn how to relax your body and most effectively deal with labour sensations whilst navigating the UK Maternity system to get the birth you want.

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I offer a full range of services, from antenatal classes and workshops to postnatal doula support and baby classes. Wherever you are in your journey there is probably something for you!

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I have a vision of providing a high quality, safe, affordable, easy to use placenta remedies service so that any new mama or birthing person wishing to benefit from the nutrients and hormones in their marvellous placenta can, in order to have a positive impact on that precious, 'fourth trimester'. 

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Chiropractic treatment is a combination of specific massage techniques, joint manipulation or mobilisation and consultation on how to make changes which will stretch and strengthen the necessary areas and postural habits. All are welcome to the practice, bumps, babies, children, adults of all ages and those with sports injuries.

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Our work with families is delivered through a series of engaging programmes 

that promote fun learning, strengthening family bonds and bringing people together 

whilst also tackling stigmas, gender stereotyping and social isolation. 

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The Breastfeeding Network – Portsmouth

We are here to support you! Pregnant, combination feeding, expressing or exclusively breastfeeding – everyone’s welcome.

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After falling pregnant myself, and discovering how different birth can be, I became really passionate about birthing people understanding their rights, their bodies and the process of labour and birth. In particular, understanding that it doesn't have to be a fearful process, and you can come out of it feeling really powerful and have an amazing experience, however that might look for you.

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The placenta may benefit a new mother by supplying minerals, including bioavailable iron, amino acids, protein and essential fats which may be the perfect replenishment following birth.

There are a number of ways you can benefit from your placenta which I can help you with.  I have seen them all work amazingly well with new mothers.

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I qualified as a yoga teacher in 2018 because I wanted to share my knowledge and passion and make yoga accessible to as many people as possible.
I would love to welcome you to one of my friendly classes.

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I’m an experienced Lactation Consultant and postnatal midwife covering Hampshire

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I create designs that I would have loved to buy or receive in those early weeks/months/years of parenthood including breastfeeding clothing clips, organic cotton muslins, breastfeeding milestone enamel pins, gift boxes and t-shirts.

I aim to be a sustainable and conscious business by packing all orders plastic free and donating a percentage of profits to charities who help to support parents and breastfeeding.

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Physiotherapy can help with:

Post natal care:

Tears, episiotomies, c-section scars, Diastasis recti.

Continence issues:

Urgency or incontinence, Prolapse, Pelvic Pain, Vaginal healthcare


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Cloth Nappy Information from local mums.

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Portsmouth and South East Hampshire Maternity Voices is part of a national agenda to ensure that the women and families who use the maternity services have a voice in the way the service is run and local mums.

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Beautiful Face and Body Art Including Bump Art.

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Street Bean is a mobile coffee bar offering a wide range of hot and cold drinks . Also hand-made cakes, luxury muffin's, crisps, chocolate & sweets .

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Portsmouth Library Service has a great mobile library with books, talking books and information for all ages and interests

All are welcome – bring your existing library card or join for the first time.

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Gemini Ices

Yummy Local Ice Creams.

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