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Equality and Diversity Policy 

Informed Pregnancy, Birth and Beyond are committed to equality and diversity in all of our activities. As a committee, we are committed to seeking to recognise and challenge our own privilege and to practising intersectional feminism. We aim to actively promote the well being and voices of anyone whose needs are not being well catered for by our society and healthcare system.

When we say everyone is welcome we mean everyone. The one thing we will not welcome is any attitudes or activities that deny or minimalise the experiences or human rights of anyone. We know it can be very challenging as we start to learn more about the privileges we have taken for granted but we intend to keep challenging ourselves to get out of our comfort zone for the well being of others and we hope you will do so too. We believe that by improving services and support for those who are most at risk of physical and emotional trauma and discrimination we can help to make the world a better place.

We recognise we're human and bound to make mistakes, please feel free to help us educate ourselves if you have resources and experience to share.

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